Britney Spears & Jamie Lynn Spears Damage Control Moves to the Rocki

Britney Spears and her knocked up little sister Jamie Lynn spears are both working overtime to get press and somehow revamp their image and are in a full damage control mode. The Spears family train wreck is still chugging along quite nicely as Jamie gets her second cover of OK! Magazine in three weeks. The first one was such a monster hit that it sold out.
Britney Spears & Jamie Lynn Spears Damage Control Moves to the RockiMany have claimed that the weekly entertainment magazine spent a million bucks on the cover and if they did they certainly received a huge bargain. It sold two million copies and melted down the magazine's website. The news was more stunning than anything Britney had ever done and now she seems to be scrambling to keep up with her little sister.

he is making headlines by spending night with her paparazzi boyfriend that some reports say is a married man. She also is reportedly considering a move to the Rockies to live and get this check back into rehab. Cue Amy Winehouse, she said, no, no, no. The word out of Denver is that she is checking out the Harmony Foundation to help rid her of her demons and the Denver Post is reporting that she has plunked down $2 million for a down payment on a house.

"Rocky Mountain High" for Britney? Will Jamie Lynn make the move with her and they can raise the latest Spears baby together in the more laid-back Denver area? It all sounds very far fetched, but that is the report that is coming out of Denver today.

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