Biological Mother Wants to Meet Angelina Jolie

The drug addicted biological mother of the Pax Thien Jolie has said that she would like to meet her son some day and his new movie star mother Angelina Jolie according to a report from the UK. And the biological mother, Pham Thu Dung says she's happy that her child has found a new life with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. British tabloid 'News of the World' tracked Dung down in the Vietnam neighborhood she calls home and talked to the 29-year-old about why she gave Pax up for adoption in 2003.
Biological Mother Wants to Meet Angelina JolieUs Weekly Magazine reports that though Dung admits that she's presently incapable of taking care of the three-year-old, she hopes that one day in the future he'll call her "mother" again.


The weekly entertainment magazine also runs down the pertinent quotes. On giving Pax up for adoption, the mom says, "I am not his mother anymore because I abandoned him. I saw his face in the newspapers and I wanted to recognize him but I couldn't. He was a stranger to me. I wanted to forget all about him but it hurts so much to see his face and hear about everything that is happening to him. It brings all the pain back to me. My dream is that one day he'll visit me and call me mother. But it's only a dream, I know it's impossible."

On Angelina adopting Pax:

"I want to see my son again and tell him I'm so sorry I had to give him away. I am very happy for him. I hope he has a good life now. He is better off with the movie star because I am not a good mother. I wasn't able to take care of my baby."

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